Pickleball at JW Marriott

Phoenix Desert Ridge


What does it mean Singles and Doubles?

Singles is for a single person membership and doubles is a two person membership for a couple or domestic partnership living in the same household

What happens if I cancel my membership in the summer and want to start up in the Winter?

While there is no fee to cancel, re-starting your membership will require the re-installment of an annual fee. We are considering a non-resident membership in the future.

Is the annual fee in addition to the monthly dues?


How are rating assessments and first lessons held and scheduled?

Our Instructors will instruct a 4 person lesson for 1 hour and at the end of the lesson assign you a skill rating within 24 hours.

When does programming for the Pass holder programs begin?

February 28th

Will Guests that I bring to the club need to pay for parking


What types of instruction do you have

We have 3 tiers of instructors: Instructor, Pro Instructor and Elite Pro Instructor. Rates increase with level of instruction

Will friends of mine who are guests of the resort using my discount be able to play in?

Yes, Guests of the resort will be able to pay for a rating assessment and be able to integrate with the Passholder community

How often are Special Events held?

Events will happen monthly depending on the season.

Will there be tournaments?

In the future, public tournaments will be held and managed here at the JW offering discounts in registration fees for Pass Holders

Is Pro and Elite Pro instruction included in the Griffin Package?

No, it is an upgrade for both Baseline and Griffin to participate in Pro and Elite Pro instruction clinics, camps, and lessons.

Is youth summer camp and after school programming available?

Not currently, but very soon for the coming summer we will begin offering Camps and we will be working with local school districts to offer afternoon programs for youth players after school.

What is Glow ball?

Glowball is pickleball in the dark with music. The courts will be taped off in florescent tape and the ball glows in the dark. It is a party on the courts!

Can I downgrade or upgrade my membership?

Yes you can do both.  If downgrading please give the Racquet Center manger notice and your membership status will switch on the first of the following month.  If upgrading you will be charged the different in monthly dues and will be able to take advantage of your new membership type the same day.

Can I play in more than one league?

Yes you can play in a league of the same gender and also a mixed league. if leagues have not reached capacity up until the day before final signups, you are able to sign up for an additional mixed or same gender league. You would need to email the Racquet and Paddle Manager to assist with this.

What is a challenge court?

Challenge courts are designed for the competitive player where winner stays on and the idea is to knock the winning team out and hold the court.

Are your Open play courts skill based?

Yes we believe players best improve their play by competing with players similar in level or a little better. The goal is for our members have matches with long sustained rallies to teach consistency and mental patience. We will have non-rated courts for times where social players want to mix and have fun no matter the skill differences.

How will the paddle demo program work?

Simply check out a paddle from our Pro Shop by leaving a credit card, and return the paddle when done using it. This can be done multiple times per day. We will offer the same paddles for sale should you fall in love with one of them.

How will Pre Purchasing of the Pass Holder memberships look like online?

You will be asked to enter  your credit card information. Credit cards will be billed for the monthly dues at the 1st of the month beginning with March 1st for those that signed up in February. The Annual fee will be charged to the card separately on the same day that you signed up. Please see this link for a tutorial if needed: https://www.loom.com/share/847a633318ca430ebc0411b3c575728b

How long are league seasons?

Typically 5 weeks with a 6 team round robin format. Will be looking to extending to 10 weeks with a 6 team league.

Are the leagues software managed?

Yes! We have invested in a comprehensive software that manages leagues, allows team names and logos, records and stores a players history of matches and best of all allows a member to customize their personal player page. More to still come!!!

Is there a rating system?

Yes, our software system will adjust ratings based on league/tournament play results.

Can my 50% room discount be used for friends and family?

No, the rooms discount is for the Passholder only at JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge exclusively. Passholders must notify management of booking along with their confirmation number and present their passholder ID card to the front desk upon check in.